Adam’s Healthy Home Delivers Superior Boiler Repair in Minnesota

Adam’s Healthy Home provides reliable boiler repair services to homeowners and businesses throughout the region. Day or night, 24/7, our certified boiler repair technicians are available to resolve your problems quickly and effectively. Whether you need hot water restored or want to reduce your monthly utility bills, our technicians will deliver superior service and results you can rely on.

Contact Adam’s Healthy Home online or call us at (612) 500-4663(612) 500-4663 for boiler repair services throughout Minnesota.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repairs

Boilers will let you know that problems are about to occur. Like most machines, recognizing the signs of an impending boiler failure can help minimize damage and disruption to your hot water supply.

Signs your boiler needs repair include a diminishing supply of hot water or no hot water at all. You may notice puddles are forming around the boiler, or that bolts and other connections are visibly loose. If the problem is with the gas supply, you may notice the smell of rotten eggs or have a pilot light that won’t stay lit. Finally, you may see changes in water pressure. When you notice any of these signs, it’s essential to reach out quickly for service. Failing to address these problems promptly can result in damage to your home or a sudden loss of your hot water supply.

Contact Adam’s Healthy Home at (612) 500-4663(612) 500-4663 to learn more about the boiler services we offer, and the signs your boiler needs repair.

Electric Boiler Repair Services in MN

Our team specializes in delivering premier electric boiler repair services to residential and commercial properties. Our highly trained and certified boiler repair technicians can quickly identify the required repairs and help you identify the most effective solution to restoring your hot water supply. In most cases, repairs take just a few hours to complete. Before commencing work, our team will let you know whether there are any special steps or potential delays associated with the repair of your electric boiler.

Steam Boiler Repair Services in MN

Steam boilers are common in Minnesota, and our team of technicians knows how to keep these fabled units operational. We can install, repair, and provide routine maintenance services on your steam boiler. We take pride in performing consistent, expedient, and reliable service on these units that our clients depend upon.

When we perform repairs on steam boilers or electric boilers, we use only the highest quality parts and up-to-date repair techniques. This makes it possible to keep your boiler operational while reducing your long-term repair, maintenance, and monthly utility expenses.

Contact Adam’s Healthy Home at (612) 500-4663(612) 500-4663 to learn more about the electric and steam boiler repair services we offer. Our technicians are ready to answer your questions and schedule a service appointment.

How Long Does It Take to Repair (or Replace) a Boiler?

Many boiler repairs can take less than an hour to complete. Some can take as long as a day. Once we identify the problem, our technicians will tell you how long it will take before we start.

When a repair isn’t possible or advisable, it may be necessary to replace the boiler. A complete boiler replacement can take anywhere from one to four days to complete. The duration depends on the difficulty of removing the existing boiler, the availability of a suitable replacement, and any additional structural shoring or site preparation required for the installation. For this reason, our technicians work closely with you to determine the most efficient installation solution.

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